Dominator brand

Our products are aimed at powerful men – Dominators in all spheres of life. The outstanding feature of Dominator products is that their patterns are carved into the leather using a Pyrogravure technique hand crafted by professional artists.

Our main goal is to provide men with something special that will distinguish them from the crowd. Using extraordinary execution of, as it may seem, an ordinary accessory, our products will generate a “wow-effect” that is bound to attract attention.
Approved by Dominators.

All our bags and accessories are made of leather produced in Italy and Turkey. Natural leather is water-proof, easily maintained and keeps its natural colour.
Approved by Dominators.

Special attention has been paid to the fittings we use: we have selected only the highest quality Italian garniture of brass and bronze, which will serve you well for many years.
It has also been approved by Dominators.