Terms & Conditions Dominator


All orders placed by the customer via the Website, as well as our delivery and repair service are governed by the General Terms and Conditions of Business set out below – or as stated when the order was placed. We do not accept any deviation from those terms and conditions by the customer, except when specifically agreed in advance in writing.

Sales terms

By submitting the order form provided on our Website, you are placing a binding offer of purchase contract with us. Submit an offer by entering all of the required information during the order process, then click on the ‘Complete purchase’ button to submit the offer. Before submission, be careful to check that all of the information in the detail summary is correct.

On receipt of your order we will send you an e-mail confirming receipt and the details of your order, (order confirmation). Please note that the order confirmation does not constitute a declaration of acceptance of your contractual offer but serves for information purposes only.

A purchase contract between you and dominator.cc will become effective only after we have accepted the offer by dispatching the goods ordered. If payment in advance was chosen as the payment option, the goods will be dispatched only after the full amount has been credited to our account.

dominator.cc has the right to refuse any offer without stating a reason. This will apply especially if there are legitimate grounds to suspect that the goods purchased via the internet are to be re-sold on a commercial basis.

Cancellation policy advisory

See Restitution and replacement of goods

Prices, product presentation, availability

The prices stated on the dominator.cc Website apply at the time you place your order.

The goods offered at dominator.cc are presented on the Website in the form of digital photos of the actual products. Minor discrepancies between the presentation and the actual products do not qualify as a defect in the goods ordered.

If you have selected several products in one order, the products may be dispatched at different times. Should this be the case, the customer only incurs a single shipping charge.

Shipping & dispatch

See Delivery


To pay for your purchase from dominator.cc, the only available method is via PayPal, which accepts all current credit cards.

Inquiries, complaints

For any inquiries about your order or complaints, please contact our Customer Care Team: me@dominator.cc