Men's vintage handmade messenger bag, Human Mecanics №1


A comfortable men’s messenger bag in a noble cognac colour with designs from our abstract Human Mecanics collection is an interesting combination of complex mechanics (cogs, gears, clockwork mechanisms) in the mask of a Plague Doctor and Latin script with beautiful letters.

The prototype of this men's handbag served as a vintage messenger bag which was made in Africa in 1956. We made small changes and modernisations, selected the right leather and hardware and as a result, we got a very original vintage messenger bag for men.

The bag is produced without using sealants but thanks to its well designed construction the messenger bag is perfectly shaped. Inside we have intentionally left out a liner in order to display the skin of genuine leather making your article look luxurious.

The bags are made from durable Turkish leather – with beautiful and durable hardware. The leather is treated with a special substance, which protects it against moisture and dust.

The bright and original colour of the messenger bag ensures that you stand out from the crowd and the burnt-in pattern is guaranteed to attract attention.

Size: 27 cm x 37 cm x 12 cm

There is a pocket large enough for a mobile phone on each side. On the front panel there is a pocket for a mobile phone or a purse. An adjustable shoulder strap is also included. If desired, it can be unfastened.

You can use the messenger bag for screwdrivers, pliers, a file and quill or a 14” laptop.

The messenger bag is 100% handmade. The Human Mechanics print is also produced by hand using a pyrogravure technique. With such a messenger bag you are sure to be noticed, it is approved by Dominators.

Order this handmade messenger bag customized with your own design

You can order this men's messenger bag with a unique design of your own choice that we will bespoke engrave for you. To order this, contact us via the Contact form on the left hand side of the page, or send us an email at

Be ready to get a handbag for men that no one will have!

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